Hollywood bartender.

The almost thirty, moved to hollywood to be an actor but work as a bartender mental check list.

1. Fuck.
2. I booked that commercIal last week. Don’t know if it’ll air. Made 250 bucks though, I have that.
3. Rent. God damn it! I don’t even like my apartment.
4. I think I have dark circles under my eyes.
5. Botox? Probably to young for that.
6. Maybe I should’ve stayed home. I could have done something there.
7. Bullshit! I know I am good. I can do thIs I am a great actor I know I am.
8. Fuck!
9. Am I a type? Maybe? Yeah! Fine I’ll be a type as long as I can get paid.
10. People seem to like me.
11. Im getting fat. Bradley Copper Isn’t fat.
12. My head hurts.
13. I have a great life
14. I hate my life
15. Please like me.
16. You don’t like me?
17. Fuck you! I don’t like you!
18. Sorry, fuck… I didn’t mean that. Did that hurt my chance? I’m sorry.
19. Keep going, it will pay off someday.
20. Almost thirty and living like a 21 year old, when’s someday?
21. I need new headshots.
22. My shift starts in 2 hours, I hope I don’t get puked on.

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