What makes art, art?!

What’s makes an artist?

I think of myself as one, you probably do to.

Bartending in LA I worked with a guy who was a line cook. The guy that has to organize tickets effectively enough so that they are cooked correctly and sent out at the right time. He told me that there was a true art to this, chicken takes longer than beef, salads need to be sent out first, soup is easy. It’s his art. A few years ago in Chicago I met a street poet named Oba. He scripted nonsensical verses about astronauts onto paper and handed them out on the corner of North and Wells. He became such a local legend, that a college student, on scholarship, painted a mural of him under a major underpass.

He’s an artist?
I guess he is.

Art is the most difficult word to define. Marcel Duchamp played with this idea a bit in 1917, when he submitted for exhibition his piece of a porcelain urinal which was signed “R Mutt” and titled “Fountain”. Asking people, if just because it is in an art museum and presented as art, does it live up to the title.

I paint, I write, I make films. Am I an artist? I can’t answer that.

Is an artists merely a creator? Or a must your creation be validated by it fiscal worth? Is art defined in the dollar value that is placed on a piece?

Street art, vandalism, elaborate robberies, diner displays, photoshop, music, instagram, clothing, bartending…..is it all fucking art?

Help me figure it out.

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