How to get a tip from a foreigner.


I’m not the first person behind a bar to make the observation that people from outside of America often forget the custom of the tip.

They approach the bar and stare at you with a childlike look of confusion. You ask them what they want…

“Do you have Mojito?”


“Yeah, yeah, I can make you a fucking Mojito.”

You make it. It’s 10 bucks, and they take out their crispy right from the ATM 20 dollar bill.

You know you’re going to get stiffed.

Not only did they order the most annoying thing to make, but you made it for free.

Unless you know the trick…

Instead of giving them back a 5 and 5 singles, give them back a 5, 2 singles and 3 bucks in quarters.

It’s hilarious, they get confused by the american currency, and will often leave the change on the bar.

It also helps to stress them out with a sense of urgency during the whole transaction.

The goal is to confuse them, ordering their drink was befuddled enough for them.

Now their getting all sorts of strange coinage given back to them.

Shell shock the mother fuckers into treating you right!

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