Bartender’s biweekly pay check. Payday!

This is my biweekly hourly paycheck, I love it, always zero, VOID. Twice a month I get my little white envelope, once in a while I’ll get one for 13 bucks or 75 cents.

How this system works is that I get taxed on what I sell, not what I make.
The government assumes that I make between 15 and 20 percent of my NET sales.

This translates to, if you sit at my bar, rack up a 300 hundred dollar tab and stiff me, I am not only losing the tip. I am also getting taxed on what you shovel into your face, I am paying for your good time.

I hope it’s enjoyable, this service I am providing for you.

Im not going to post this as a whinny “I don’t make enough money” thing. I am happy with my income, generally people are pretty great about it, and the bad tippers usually get evened out by the good ones.

I just want it to be recognized that bartenders and servers in the US really do rely on appropriate tipping. For most of us, these are the pay checks that we get.

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