Gluten Free Singles .COM

Are you Gluten free and single!?! You’re in luck! This bran new dating site connects lonely ¬†gluten free’s together. Find your diet restricted soul mate and take them out to dinner! Don’t forget to piss off your servers and bartenders with your extensive knowledge of how their kitchens cook their food!

Don’t worry, the wait staff at bars and restaurants love food modifications! It helps them build a stronger relationship with the kitchen staff. The front of house and back of house rarely get to spend time togther. So going back to the kitchen to explain to them your very specific order gives them a chance to get to know each other.

Yes this is a real site:


We Connect Gluten-Free Individuals Interested In:

  • Gluten-free dating partners
  • Gluten-free group healthy eating/cooking activities
  • Gluten-free evening socials
  • A gluten-free online community
  • News, updates and advice related to living a gluten-free lifestyle
  • And much more!




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