People who think the bartender can’t hear them…

Are you aware that when you sit down at a bar the bartender can hear you? Yup, everything you say. Even when they aren’t directly in front of you.  It’s hilarious to me what people say to each other at my bar within my earshot. You think you’re living in a little world, the music is loud enough and the space is big enough that you can say whatever you want.

Nope, we can hear. We hear everything because we are always aware. We’re scanning the bar with all five senses. Making sure that possible problems are averted. We’re aware of the couple in the corner thats conversation is going strange. We can hear the guy walking in, talking to his friend about how fucked up he plans to get. We hear the servers complaining to each other in our well about their tables. We hear the chopping of straws to ice in an empty cocktail meaning, to us, that another one may be ordered. We hear the fucking fruit flies that buzz around our garnish trays.

I’ve literally had people sit in front of me and shit talk me or the place I work in. Right in front of me, as if I can’t hear them. So next time you sit at a bar remember that the drunk next to you may not be aware, but the person behind the bar is, always.


Two conversations over heard behind the bar last night:

From a guy:

“God these chicks keep hitting me up on Facebook. it’s ridiculous.”

From a girl to a guy:

“Why do you keep screenshotting my snapchats?”

Barchatter is going odd places these days.

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